BookCover250x347Writer,  Poet, Therapist, Artist, Drum Circles

Occupational Therapist:  Restoring functional skills & meaningful activity.

Craniosacral Therapist: Aleviate restrictions & increasing ease in body.  BEMER & Quantum Laser LightTherapy to decrease inflammation & increase circulation.

Art, Journaling, and Drumming for facilitating self-expression and communication in small Group circles.


“If Not Today, When?” is a collection of 135 poems as well as numerous original paintings and photographs by Lori Nunnally. These works of art originated from her morning meditation time, where she chose to respond to short readings and podcasts with her paintbrush and her love of poetry to capture the essence of her quiet meditation time.

She hopes that her words will inspire and positively motivate love and commitment to family, to service to children, elderly and those going through grief and challenging times.

She hopes this book gets into the hands of teachers, artists, poets, therapists, those beginning a practice of meditation, newly retired and people who reach out to others to be of assistance in whatever form that takes.

She invites you to make this book functional and purposeful by writing in it, tearing pages out to give to friends and family, putting it on your end table or night stand and opening it at random to read the words that you find that might encourage you to be the person you are meant to be and do the things you are inspired to do.

At the end of the book, she challenges you to write your own poem and prayer. She believes everyone has a poem and prayer inside of them and that poems are waiting for a willing hand to write them. She encourages the reader to not dwell on perfection, but instead to concentrate on starting. and moving in the right direction.

The poems in the book have been described by readers as heart-felt, inspiring, tender and as a gentle wisdom that the world needs now. The artwork is raw, vivid, colorful, emotion-felt, lush. They feel true and fresh.

“This book has a beautiful range of expression.”  ~ Min Fan

Artist: Sybil Stork
Spiritual Advisor: Steve Aronson
Tai Chi Instructor and Artist: Min Fan
Poet: Veronica Patterson

You may purchase the book by contacting her. See Contact page to request.  This book is a limited edition of 150. They are $25. Shipping in the US typically costs around $3.50 book rate and arrives in 7-10 days.



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